If you want great quality window cleaning in Kelowna read this!

Having cleaned windows for over 10 years, I cringe when I hear the horror stories. I truly hope this has never happened to you:

The customer hires a window cleaning company expecting them to deliver on their promise of providing beautifully clean windows. But this is far from what they receive. The window cleaning technician arrives, does his job, collects payment, and leaves. Its true, the customer’s windows are clean. However, the cleaner they are, the easier it is to identify all the hairline scratches left behind by the technician and this is exactly what the customer notices. Who can simply ignore the scratches and feel okay about what just happened?

What causes these scratches in the first place? Is it the razor blade? Is it the window cleaner’s technique? Or is it something else?

The answer is tempered glass. (For safety reasons, some glass must be “tempered” so that it will shatter if cracked or broken. Sliding doors are an example of tempered glass) More specifically, it is the fabricated debris that are often fused onto the surface of a piece of glass during the tempering process in a factory.

The surface quality of a piece of glass has a direct effect on whether it will scratch or not during the cleaning process. Low-quality tempered glass has fabricated debris fused to its surface. These debris are extremely likely to be dislodged and dragged across the window during cleaning. (The fields company are glass experts and have a great write up if you would like to know more about tempered glass.)When a window cleaning technician uses a razor blade on this poor quality, tempered glass, then it will scratch. The razor blade drags the debris across the glass surface. So to answer the question of do razor blades scratch windows…technically no. It is the fabricated debris that does the scratching.

All of this said, there are gentle methods available to clean tempered glass that DO NOT dislodge these particles and cause scratches. Scrub pads and eco-friendly chemical solutions are a great alternative to razor blades. Views window cleaning is very familiar with what will and will not scratch your glass.

I hope this information proves helpful and I also hope that you never have to experience a scratched glass disaster. Always choose a window cleaning company that is familiar with tempered glass and how to clean it properly!

Ryan Gawdun 🙂 – owner and operator of views window cleaning

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Fabricated debris being dislodged and dragged across window surface, resulting in scratches
fabricated debris being scraped across glass
Tempered glass information location on a window
tempered glass information location on a window